Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's about time.....

....that could be the motto for today in a few ways. It was about time that I had coffee with my dear friend M. at, where else but Williams, we overstayed our welcome there so we ended up staying for lunch too, and it's about time that they finally started serving my favourite dish: Wicked Thai Chicken Soup, omg I had waited all winter for it, and only had it once during the season, and every time I go I ask and they never have it, Alex told me it was in the storage area, so if you have it why not put the thing on the menu, arrrggghhhh so today when I saw it on the list I was just delighted....hmmmm so yummy I could eat it by the liters and I am not really a soup person. As once in a while at Williams they give out free cake, just to make room for the new arrivals, so today was our lucky day, but being a good girl, I passed on some very yummy looking chocolate moose cake and said "no thank you".  Can you believe it? So after having spent a few hours talking and catching up with my friend it was time to go home, shortly after I got home Alex came home too and brought me another Thai Soup...mmm yummy, some-times my boys can be really sweet and thoughtful but then other times.....arrrgggghhhhhhh! Later in the afternoon I made a trip to the LNS in the neighbouring town to pick up some fabric and look at some crosstitch patterns....yeah like I need any more. I also looked at the Moose Latch hook picture, which I thought would look great in my Moose Room, but wasn't really too crazy about it when I saw it. I picked up two pieces of fabric for more "Singing Donkeys" and I bought two cross stitch kits, I can't believe I even picked one of them, because it is on black, but I totally fell in love with the picture, it is call " Midnight Rendezvous" from Bucilla. Well I guess I will try in very good lighting to work on it, so far I have never ever finished a picture on black, because it just gets to me and frustrates the heck out of me. The second kit is a sepia piece of two raccoons cubs, so cute. In the evening we went out for Dinner and it was great, actually the first time I enjoyed having dinner with the AH, not sure how much he enjoyed it, but I sure loved it,and enjoyed every second of it... he he he, we went to GUS and GUIDO'S, a new greek and italian restaurant, never been there before but heard only good things about it so far. As we were standing in the long line up I noticed this guy at the restaurant telephone, and I am think hey I know you (once a salesperson for Nissan who could have sold you a raincoat on the sunniest day, one of my favourite people I had ever met in my life, someone where you could not feel anything else but good around), and as soon as he spotted me he got this big smile on his face and waved, he finished his phone conversation, hung up the phone and came over, gave the AH a very nonchalant hand shake in passing, came over to me, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, just the way us Southern European great each other. I just had that biggest inner smile on that I could muster up, he he he....looks good on the AH. Every time during the evening when he passed our table, he would just wink at me or come over say something and put his hand on my arm or shoulder, I was just killing myself laughing inside, and thought it was just too hilarious. It definitely was nice to see him again and catch up with him for a little bit...still would love to hear the whole scoop though. And dinner by the way, absolutely awesome, portions you could feed an army with, cute waiters, greek music and just a classy yet fun restaurant. I just loved it. And I can't wait to go again, not just for the free kiss, but for everything else, that free kiss I get everywhere I meet him. LMAO...this just made my day. ha ha ha!

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