Friday, March 19, 2010


Ok, so today was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood, I spent most of the morning on the PC working on a little private project and trying to  get things to look the way I want them to look, talked to a friend on the phone trying to figure some things out for the blog and just chitchatted. After lunch it was time to go see J. and just comizerate over life's ups and downs, I had planned for afterwards to make a little detour too and go to a local craftstore to get that latchhook picture and a crosstitch pattern, but half way to the lake I realized that I totally forgot my purse at home, so I had no lisence with me nor my wallet with money, so there went the idea of going on a little shopping spree...oh might as well.....The hour with J. went fast and even though I had no clue what was really on my mind, seems like sometimes things just start pouring out of me and let's just say it was very draining and left me in a not so good mood when I left, god there is so much more to that topic than we had even touched during that hour...yikes....hopefully I can get my mind of that for the next week and not dwell on it too long or it will be a long rough week, and I just starting to feel like "normal" again. We will see what will happen. Having another outlet to vent and talk about it makes sure a difference, but it doesn't really solve anything or even makes it go away. Crap!!!!


One FAS said...

define normal

ME said...

"normal" to me is like being like every body else...just not letting crap get in your way and let those things take over your life. lol but that is just my definition.