Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mumble Jumble

Mondays are always a good day to start something new or at least tackle some older endeavors with new enthusiasm, there a few things preoccupying my mind though that will make it a little bit tricky, but I will try and that is all I can do. I can’t believe how little I have stitched over the last few days, I am still working on the third “Singing donkey” and it is nowhere near completion. Haven’t even touched the other ones in weeks now. I really have to get my things together. But right now I just seem notto be able to focus on one particular thing and am all over the place. Huh???? Just right now? Seems more like the story of my life. I did managed yesterday to clean out the whole bedroom closet and the spare bathroom, which is more like a storage room, since it has nothing in it that reminds you that it is suppose to be a bathroom. And that was quite an undertaking and I have tons of things to get rid of. Woo hoo…the joy of spring-cleaning. I spend sometime on the computer to get a few answers from certain people to help with a project and that is now all taken care of, now it is on to working on it. As for how to spend this grey and drab looking Monday, I will have some laundry to do, will make an effort on some stitching and hopefully find the right words to send an email of to a friend, who is having a really hard time right now. I so wish there was something, anything I could do. But it is one of those things you have to muddle your own way through. It is just amazing as brilliant as the human mind is, how much it really can play with your well being too and the things we put ourselves through by giving that power away. But sometimes issues are so hard to wrap your brain around and deal with them, especially in this case. It is something I can’t even say I understand because I can’t and don’t and hopefully never have to deal with to understand. And time can take a very long time to heal those kinds of wounds, if ever.


One FAS said...

Aren't you the little house maid. what did you give up stitching for cleaning,,,

AJ-OAKS said...

Life sure does take twists and turns. I view it as an adventure! Sometimes it helps to step outside the box and look in to see what is really going on. I know, easier said than done. We do have a tendency to get wrapped up in things. Do you still have the passion for stitching? Hugs.

ME said...

Well i don't have the same passion for stitching as all of my stitching sister , i do like it, but i wouldn't call it a passion. I definitely have the tendency to do things either full throttle or not do it at all, is this where my OCD kicks in again? lol....i can go weeks without stitching a single stitch and then i have days and weeks were i do nothing else but stitch. Would be nice to have a happy medium somewhere.