Thursday, February 04, 2010

A day among friends, furry and not so furry ones!

Yesterday morning I ventured out to the Farm again, it was a beautiful drive with the sky full of heavy snow clouds and the snow gently falling. When I arrived at the farm, I had my usual short visit with the donkeys that chose to gather at the feeder by the parking lot and some of them welcome the over the fence visit especially if there is an earscratch or a butt scratch involved. It always cracks me up how still they stand and just lean their head into you while having their ears flat to their bodies, which usually is not a good sign, but in connection with an ear scratch that is a very good sign. I got up close and personal with Panne this time over the fence, he is a Mammoth Donkey and boy he is big. He can put a horse to shame. lol. I caught up with Adam at the parking lot as he had a few phonecalls to make and after giving me quick instructions on what to do I went into the barn yard and the barn. I was greeted by my buddy Buffy who came for a quick hello and was then my constant shadow for the rest of the morning during chores. I had a little run in with a goat, who believed to be a mountain goat thinking the ramp to the trailor for dumping the manure was it's mountain and he just wouldn't budge and I know better from experience not to get into it with a goat. So I just lined my wheelbarrows up at the bottom of the ramp and went about other business until he chose to come of his mountain. In the meantime I got checked out by Augusta, a fairly new donkey with eye and foot problems, she was hesitant at first, but after a while she made it closer and closer until we were nose to nose. She is a very large brown standard donkey but very gentle and nice. After all my chores were done I groomed Danny, Buffy and Summer. As always Summer is always around, she is really an odd looking donkey, cute in her own way, more through her personality, she also has markings on her legs and eyes that are different from the other donkeys and shows that she must have some Zebra cousins. She is a sweetheart, not very lady like when it comes to her braying and begging for food.
After a quick bath at home I ventured to Zumba, and even though I was not in good mental spirits I did better than expected and held up with class the whole hour through. After that it was off to the off Stitching night at Janes. Boy I sure hate going there when I am such a downer at times, it makes me feel better to go, but I am sure I am not a f****** ray of sunshine to be around lately and I feel bad for bringing my crappy mood and deposition to the table, but sometimes you just can't leave it at the door. I try, but it has been really hard lately.
But all in all it was a good day among all kind of friends, furry and not so furry ones, but all with warm hearts.

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