Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas it not for kids, it's for the cats!

So it seems at least here at my house. It was hilarious. Early this morning, while the kids were still sleeping, the cats, all four of them, even though you never see them all together, seem to have an idea that today was a special day and they all congregated around the Christmas tree, checking out presents, sneaking a peek into gift bags and stockings. It was too funny, Buffy, who never socialises with any of us really picked a new favourite spot to sit today, on the couch, even Grandpa got the evil eye after he dared and sat on that spot. Hoover who is never seen, because she is so shy and timid and nervous around people, was sitting and watching from the windowsill what was going on, and Charcoal was emptying out the Stockings, dragging content all around the living room. Chubby Daisy was in full action too, she has quite the temper when she doesn't get what she wants and was getting a little ticked that nobody helped her with her stocking. So when the kids finally got up and the stockings were checked out she was in her glory. She was sitting like a good little puppy in front of Savannah waiting for every gift to be pulled out and shown to her. Seems like they two black kitties got what they wanted for Christmas and were happy all day long. After the opening of the presents and trying everything on and out they returned to their respective favourite places for a long nap from all the excitement so early in the morning.

What's going on here?

Daisy checking out the presents

Ok what did we get?

What else?

There is more?

Ok, let me see what you got...maybe there is something in there for me too...

Charcoal and his new toy

Just what I always wanted...a new box....look it's just my size.

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