Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at my house!

Growing up Christmas Eve was always my favourite day of the holiday season, it was always so festive and yet so cozy and just always a great time, maybe too because we got all our presents on Christmas Eve and the excitement of the Evening approaching was just amazing as kids, nowadays we do it the "Canadian way" and nothing really happens, at least not at our house. So this year was not any different and there were no plans really made. Savannah was going to have her Nick over for Dinner and a movie, Pierce and Ashley were out to church and then off to her parents for a short visit, Alex was sleeping, tired from working everyday at 6 am, and I was desperately trying to find anything exciting and christmassy to watch on TV. I had a chance to chat with a friend shortly several times over the evening, but that was about all that went on. Well until little Miss Cutie pie Ashley arrived back at our house for the gift exchange with us and Pierce. Wow, she really is a sweet heart and this will definitely stay in my heart for the longest time. She, being almost 22, was more excited about Christmas than I have even ever seen any small kid be, omg, she had smiles from ear to ear all evening, was very antsy and just overall excited, she was excited about the presents she got for each of us, and she was excited about the presents she got. It was absolutely joyous to watch. Her biggest excitement was her stocking, being a different upbringing and heritage she never had a stocking, so when Pierce got her her own first stocking filled with goodies she was just overjoyed. The next big surprise was her big present, apparently the two of them had been out shopping together some time ago and she had oooooooed and aaaaawwwwwed over a purse, well she got it, she was almost in tears and just beaming with joy and then she said...."oh my god you did listen----thank you thank you thank you", it just made me laugh, especially after a friend had just told me that I shouldn't expect that he would listen to me all the time afterall he was a guy.
After that she went home to continue some more time with her family and their Christmas traditions and she was just elated and so excited. Watching her and her excitement for the spirit of Christmas was just an absolute delight and it just made my whole night.

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