Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oh man!

Everybody who knows me well also knows that i am not one for being put in the spotlight, centered out or being up in front of people, that is just not my thing and I rather die before I do that on my own free will, but ever so often there are people who will just push me into that situation if I want to or not, sometimes I am ok with it and sometimes I rather fall into a big hole at that very moment. Yesterday at Zumba, Gerri thought it would be great for me to wear a jingling belly dancing skirt, I was not impressed but I did it anyway, and it wasn't too bad, actually makes you try a lot harder since you want to hear it jingle. Through the whole hour I was jingling away in the backrow as Gerri kept challenging me to do better every single one point just a little step backwards and pop there went my calf muscle, not good, but I continued only a little slower and more careful. At the end of the class Gerri suggested a little dance off, splitting the class in half and having each half face off against the other...and oh joy for me, she made me the leader of one side for the others to follow...thanks a lot Gerri, I was not a happy camper, and thank god I had my back to my group so it wasn't quite as bad, it also helped that I know that song very well and are totally comfortable doing it, he he he even when the instructor screws up here is to getting me out of my comfort zone....woo hoo. But I really don't have to that again.
It was also nice to see another stitching sister out, just hope she has her priorities straight when it comes to a stitching night...I won't take any blame for anything here.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

you shake it girl. and I am sure you will not hear the end of it next week at Trishs when that certain stitcher who shall remain"Janet" will probably not get the point that what happens with a noisy skirt stays with anoisy skirt. lol. Congrats on the out of the comfort zone. I knew you had it in you.

Tina said...

Yeah well thanks...but like I said I don't have to do that again any time soon.