Friday, October 16, 2009


Well over my last two days I have done really nothing productive, that contributes anything to the household or society in genereal, I stitched my Wednesday away, managed, thank god, to attend a Zumba class, and then went on to do some more stitching and some more eating....oh my god Trish's biscuits were to die for and yes even without anything on them. Somehow I have in my mind that this donkey needs to be done before the end of the months, but somehow I don't really see that happening, page one is done, page two and three are not too bad, but page four is a full page of stitching. As I am looking at my calendar in the kitchen, hmmm the donkey on this month's picture ( and yes Tammy I do have even a donkey calendar in case you were wondering lol) he looks just like the one I am stitching, same colours, same position, just not all in sepia.
Then my Thursday wasn't much better, I stitched a little bit more and then I got totally sidetracked with playing on the Computer and somewhat organized my pictures, mostly all my donkey pictures and made a slide show on together with some other pictures and some other slide shows. It was fun to do, but a times frustrating and very time consuming, but I seem to have all my pictures pretty organized in folders now...Woo hoo for that.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

ok the comment box is open for me again. and yes the biscuts were delicious. What is progress? hummmm framing the darn wolves this afternoon so you know where I'll be...

ME said...

Now that is what I call