Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Angus

Angus is a Standard donkey, who was born in British Columbia in 1993. He lived for 15 years on a small farm outside Vancouver where he was in the company of several horses. He was given very good care over the years and he lived quietly. In 2007, however, his behaviour started to change and became unpredictable. In particular, he became very uncomfortable when attempts were made to pick out his hooves or during farrier visits. The situation deteriorated to the point that it became necessary to sedate him in order to carry out any hoof- trimming. After several such incidents, his owner concluded that Angus would have to be moved to a setting where he could receive specialist care. Subsequently, she contacted The DONKEY SANCTUARY OF CANADA and requested that her donkey be admitted.
In 2008, space became available at the Sanctuary Farm for this troubled donkey and so his owner arranged for him to be trailered across Canada to his new lifelong home.
Angus settled in gradually in his new environment. He is by nature a solitary creature and he has little interest in the main herd at the Farm. Angus marches to his own tune and he much prefers to live in the barnyard in the company of the Sanctuary's oldest residents. Staff find that handling his feet is not a great problem although Angus will not allow volunteers to pick them out. He is a donkey who definitely knows what he wants at all times.
And I can second that lol.....he is such a beautiful animal.

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