Friday, June 05, 2009

A little change of plans

...well since my P.I.C. was on vacation this week and has me left in charge with the program all by myself, I thought well if she can have summertime fun, so can we at work. To fill in for her, I had Kaila by my side all week and it's been fun, she really is awesome with the kids and the kids loved her and well finally they left me alone most of the days, which was kind of nice for a change. We had lots of summertime fun, with making our own beach ( well it took only to the last child to figure out how to make this project work...oh and learn), sand and water play. The kids had a blast and they were so good and it was just a breeze. 
Tuesday went off to a rocky start though, since on of our boys doesn't like change and as soon as he spotted Kaila, he was not going to have any part of this.... he pouted, he throw a temper tantrum, stomped his feet, jumped up and down, pushed and shoved and well told me to move my butt, well at least he didn't tell me to move my ass, like he had told my P.I.C. before. He was really  a little brat and there was no way of calming him down, it was getting so bad, that another little boy just started bawling totally out of control, that was the time when my boss told the mother to take her temper tantrum throwing boy out of the class, since he was making everybody else upset. He left and peace and quiet returned to the room and everybody had lots of fun afterwards. Wednesday was a breeze, with the odd kids missing and the news of a new baby sister for one of the boys, who made it quite known that he wanted a little sister, since he already had a brother and he didn't see the need for another one. I guess Grandma was happy that she didn't wasted all her time with knitting that pink baby blanket....oh the power of faith! We played in the sand, went sailing and fishing and off course did our Alphabet and numbers ( sorry P.I.C. we did 11 shells on the beach lol)...... Today was our busiest day with lots of active and loud boys. And man, I wasn't sure what got into them, but it was wild today but lots of fun.... be played wacky hockey, had two visits from babies and made some fun summer crafts and everybody seemed to have had a blast. But I am glad this week is over, and I can go over to some more quieter activities, like supervising a hockey party and a bridal shower tomorrow. And I will be in the office working away, since I have this research project to do....woo hoo. 

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