Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life experiences

Over the last few years I have met an array of different people, from different walks of lives, different backgrounds, different upbringings and it sure has taught me a lot about our different stories and what life events from the past can do to our presence and about being stuck in an elevator in a high rise building for hours until help arrives when you were younger and then as an mature adult moving into an apartment on the twelves floor when your spouse knows you hate elevators and you walk up and down the stairs to and from the twelves floor every single day you want to leave the apartment. How about getting the shit beaten out of you as a child for things not being tidy and neat and now being an overly almost obsessed with having things neat and tidy at all times, not a thing out of place, or how about having extreme claustrophobia due to a childhood abuse being looked up in the basement under the kitchen floor? Okay these might sound like extreme cases and not everybody has had such horrifying experiences, but when will people realize what their action towards other people can do to them for the rest of their lives. The hurtful words one speaks, the dirty looks one gives, the silent treatment one receives, and please don't give me well don't take it personally, the issue might lay with the other person but you might be on the receiving end. If we treat ourselves the way we sometimes treat other people, we wouldn't be very happy with ourselves, so what makes another person less important than me? I don't get it.

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