Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There would have been a party!

Well the way our family celebrated big round birthdays and anniversaries there would have been one big birthday bash today, well probably on the weekend, and yes even we, as a family would have attended and yes it was something I was looking forward to a couple of years back. There always are fond memories of our celebrations as a family, with all the relatives and friends from near and far, it was always fun, the music was great, the food was incredible and it was just a special day to spend with family to honour one special family member, I remember my grand parents 50 th wedding anniversaries, my great grandmother's 80th birthday, and the sixties and seventies birthdays of my grandparents, well today would have marked the big 70 for my dad. I am sure he is having a party whereever he is now with his friends and family members who have been there before him and have joined him since. I wonder if they do the " Stanzles" up there too...and who would compose them?
Well us down here, will remember you on your special day and wish that you were still with us. HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY PAPA!

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