Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Afternoon at my favourite place

With the roof open on the Jeep, the sun shining on my face, and my favourite music playing I ventured to the Donkey Farm yesterday afternoon. I love taking the sideroads in Cambridge and find the most dustiest country roads that lead up there. Getting there is half the fun. But what a beautiful day to spend in the country. There were quite the numbers of visitors there and everybody seemed to enjoy the sunny warm day on the farm. Over the winter months a few new donkeys started calling the DSC their new home and they seem to have settled in quite nicely. Some of the older residents really are starting to look bad, and you can see the wear and tear of their life on their bodies. Windy is one of the oldest donkeys at the Sanctuary with 42 years on her back. She is pretty much blind and spends most of her time in the barnyard. She looked really skinny and tired, like most donkeys after the winter she will have to put on some more weight over the next few weeks,but I am sure it will be not that hard to do, by the look of the lush green fields surrounding them. It's nice to see the some of the regular staff are still the same, seems like Kyle made the DSC his home too. What a kind and animal loving man he is, that is for sure. The DSC is very lucky to have him there, and it is always a pleasure to have a chat about the donkeys with him.
It really was a nice afternoon to be spend among four legged friends.

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