Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out of the blue

Yesterday I did something totally out of the blue and out of character for me, usually I am not one to make things happen or take matters into my own hands. But the other day as I was cleaning out my purse, and it's amazing what you can find in it, I came across a business card someone had given me a long time ago. It's been quite a while since I have spoken or had any contact with that person, I think the last time was just before my dad passed away, I always wondered what happened that we just lost total contact, not even as much as an email. So I decided to just text message them in the morning, to what they are up to and how they were. I wasn't even sure if they still worked at the same place or anything, to my surprise I got a text back within seconds and then a call. We chatted for a little while and decided short notice to meet for a coffee at Timmie's. Well they haven't seen me in well good over a year and a half and they were totally amazed at me, which kind of made me feel good and put a big smile on my face. We had a very nice long talk and caught up on the events in our lives, and like always somethings never change and others are changing but still remain the same. It was nice to talk to that person and just know that we can pick up a friendship where we left of for no apparent reason.


Jayne said...

Friends without judgement. It sure is nice to have friends like that!

ME said...

It sure is, and I have a few rare jewels of friends like that in my collection. And I am grateful for them more than they probably know.