Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last week

With this week finally over and all the really major stress inducing activities done and over with, there comes the realization that more are to come and somehow they are never avoidable. After having had a few anxiety attacks this week in connection with the training course, the other happenings of the week and health issues and just life in general I decided from now on, I will do only what is good for me in these and any situations, and make sure I am comfortable to deal with them the way I need to deal with them, not the way others want me or expect me to handle them. There is a work christmas lunch coming up, and right now I have very mixed emotions of going or not going, on one hand why not, I don't want to run from situations, but on the other hand, it would be in MY best interest for sanity reasons and partial safety reasons not to go. Well we will wait and see how this develops. But I will not be put into situations by myself or others that I am not ready to deal with. So call it avoidance or not, I don't really care...if it's good enough for me than that should be enough.

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