Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMG he is so cute!

Wow, what can I say...well maybe that I can die happy now, after having scratched off as done my biggest thing on my life list....All evening I was sitting there just starring at him, hanging on every word he said and yet I can barely remember a thing, it went by so fast, the show, the handshake,his words, my arm around his waist, his arm around mine, a very brief conversation at a table, the smile, it's all like a dream, and all I could do was hear myself think in my head,"it's really him and omg he is so cute", absolutely exactly the way he looks wherever you see him.
I have seen him the very first time when I was about 12 or 13 years old, even then I was just absolutely crazy about him, I thought he was just the cutest guy around. As I got older I was more intrigue by his brilliant mind that never seemed to slow down or rest. I loved watching him especially on talk shows, where he could drive even the most seasoned host to insanity. I watched his specials a hundred times, I have seen many of his movies, and yes tonight I got to see him live on stage. That was truly a dream come true. One I would have loved to share with a special friend, as it was one of his favourite persons too. Well in spirit you were there and throughout the show I thought about the things you would have laughed so hard at.
Well of to bed to try to recapture the moments of tonight. Still feels like a dream! So I better getting dreaming.

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