Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh My! What a night!

Oh what a night at work. I usually don't work on Tuesday nights, and thank god I don't, because it was just crazy, now I totally understand what PIC is always talking about, the back to back hockey groups, the meeting upstairs, there was not a parking spot empty in the lot and a lot of people passed through the doors. Some of the hockey guys I recognized from other nights, and of course I know "the complainer" and sure enough as soon as he walked through the door he made a stop at the office, but boy I was ready for him, but guess what he didn't complain, he actually had a request for me, and I said" what no complaints I was so ready for you...and I get nothing," and he said simply "no". I thought I was of to a good start on my evening. The hockey guys kept coming and coming, usually I am lucky that my teams get enough guys to play, but they were just pouring in like crazy. I spotted two of "my guys" from my Friday group and since they haven't started yet and even wonder if they will, they were all chatty and seem to be delighted to see me. I had a long chat with one of the guys about his job on the farm and thank god this time he wasn't dripping all over the desk as he did the last time I dealt with him. But god those damn eyes lol.....Then there were some of "my" ex-badminton players that are on the second team, people I haven't seen since I left the other centre almost two years ago, so they were happy to see me and chatted for a while. God damnit, thank god my boss didn't leave me any work to do, with all the socialising it would have never gotten done. All in all it was a great evening, with lots of laughs and memories of past evenings, but I am glad I am only filling in this one time, it's way too much action for me on Tuesday evening. So I hope my PIC is feeling better and will be back next Tuesday night, before I get bombarded with questions about her whereabouts again. lol......And one more thing....that damn food from the mtg upstairs, well I am shamefully admitting that a piece of cake has passed these lips once again. I just hope that it will stay the only one....

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