Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OH MY!! I thought it could have been ....maybe....sort of....oh yes it is in deed you!

I always loved going to the centre I work at, mainly because of the staff and the volunteers there, they made you feel welcomed, accepted and just feel at home. Changes in staff were sometimes hard to take, as I notice now that it is hard for some of our participants, mainly because change is scary, but sometimes necessary and over time even though the staff goes through changes, the old familiar feeling of being a family down there, has stayed the same or returned to that state eventually. About 15 + years ago I attended a function there, during this function I met a young man in his mid teens.He was volunteering there and having a ball entertaining the kids and just being full of life, kindness, was genuine, very mature for his age and just an all in all very NICE kid. The one who made me sure wish I was at least 10 years younger and if I was it would have definitely been someone I could have fallen easily head over heels in love with. He was absolutely cute, had a killer smile, big brown eyes and an absolute fantastic disposition and nature. I was very impressed by this young man, well if you know his mother, you know were he got it from. I met him a few more times after that on occasion as he frequently visited the centre also, and as always he was bright, cheery, courteous and nice. Well this was like I said 15 + years ago.
Now a few weeks ago a new hockey group started, well it wasn't really a new group, they used to come a few years back and I known some of them for years. There were some old and some new faces. After the first night they came, I told a friend about this tall and handsome new guy of the group, that there was something about him, that definitely made you wish you were more than 10 years younger, single and not a mother of three and that there was something familiar about him and we were joking around about my comments. He walks in very Monday night with the biggest smile for me, says a very friendly hello and how are you and goes on to play hockey. Last night as I was sitting at the desk, he came walking up the hallway, smiled and asked me how I was doing, I said fine and asked in return how he was, and so the simple conversation started. He came to the office door, leaned against the door frame and asked " do you remember me?" After having had many thoughts about that it could be him, I said, well if you are "soandso" then I do remember you. I just remarked that he wasn't that tall yet from when I remembered him and that is was at least 15 years ago, he was shocked that it's been that long but he remembered everything just the way it was. We chatted about life and work and just had a nice conversation. I would have never asked him if he was who I thought he was, if he wasn't the one making the first move, I was going to ask his mother who I will see in a few weeks if there was a chance that it could have been her son playing hockey down at the centre. It was definitely nice to see his young good natured boy turn out to be this fine 32 year old man, that hasn't change in his disposition and nature one bit. Friendly, outgoing, kind and genuine. This definitely made me smile, mainly too that he even remembered me. Because I know from my own boys when I asked them about someone from years ago they seem to be totally clueless.

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