Friday, July 04, 2008

A new day....

...amazing what a difference a day can make. From feeling the way I felt yesterday to the way I feel today.Not that anything has changed really, well except that the ego has been feed and it calmed down till the next time, I just hope I will be more aware and able to deal with it the next time around. All in all today was a great day, I worked around the house in the morning and contracted the highly contagious OOTD and joined a friend who just had the right medicine to cure the symptoms and made the OOTD very enjoyable and bearable, in spite of the heat. So we sat there pretty much all afternoon, stitching away, talking and sipping on the punch. NOW this is the state of NOW that I really enjoy and when it is easy to stay in the moment and be present.
Later that evening I received an unexpected email from a friend, that just was very heartfelt and warm. It made me cry and happy all at the same time, but it is nice to know that things will change and some things will remain the same. I will definitely say a few extra prayers for that friend, and my thoughts are always with them. I guess sometimes being in the moment is all you have right now and that's better than nothing.

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