Saturday, May 31, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party

Today is the day of the Surprise Birthday Party of one of my best friend's husband, after months of planning and hushing it comes down to the actually event. The event took place at her sister's house in Long Point. We were all to congregate there by around 12:45 pm. I picked up her neighbour, a lovely elderly lady after 11 and we made our way to Long Point. It was a nice drive and I was proud that I remembered the whole route without even just once looking at the map. The weather was sunny at times but there were also big rain clouds, but we were lucky and it was sunny the whole drive. We got there in plenty of time and were greeted by her brother-in-law and sister and escorted into the downstairs rec-room. Some other guest were already there, and even though I really didn't know anybody else there yet, it wasn't uncomfortable for me at all. Soon some more familiar faces arrived and soon everybody was here. The birthday boy was suppose to arrive around 1:30 and so we waited and waited and waited. 1:30 turned into 2 and 2 into 2:30. Then finally the signal was given that he had arrived.( The reason for the delayed arrival were severe thunderstorms and downpours on the way that they had to pull over a few times and wait for the rain to ease up). Not knowing what was about to happen to him and knowing how he is, I was really a little nervous about how he was going to react. He came downstairs and in his typical way the yelled and questioned what the heck we were all doing here. His look on his face was priceless and his niece crown him the Big Birthday Boy and the party began. He was really a sports about everything. There was live entertainment, amazing food and lots of fun. Everybody seemed to have had a great time and the time just flew by.

Happy Birthday old Boy.

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