Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well I heard right

Thursday evening as the evening news were running on the TV in the background while I was making dinner, I thought I heard something about Brantford in the News and about highest crime rate in Ontario, by the time I made my way to the living room the story had ended already, so yesterday I spend some time on the Internet on the NEWS webpages to find any reports from the day before, but couldn't find anything about Brantford or Crime... well this morning upon getting the daily Brantford newspaper it starred right at me. The Front page read: Crime Capital of Ontario, of course the City and police dispute this story, but what else were you expecting. I knew Brantford was bad, but I didn't think it was that bad. But apparently it is also ranked 11th in Canada. Makes you wonder...I don't think any community is immune to crime, but there are things you can do that doesn't invite people to be criminal active in your community....maybe for example all the people who were against the Casino because of the chance of increasing crime rate, were right somewhere... well I do believe that is part of it... not the cause alone but it sure didn't help. People still have to make their own choices and be a contributing member to society, circumstances at times dictate other behaviour however they don't justify it, but it's definitely is a cause.

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