Monday, March 31, 2008

My controversial views on things

I must admit I always have a little bit of a more twisted view on things than others, maybe that's why I keep a lot to myself, because it reveals my own twisted way of thinking, justifying things or it just makes it hard to explain and get my point across, but these are my feelings and the way I see it, you don't like them or don't agree with them, that's just tough. I do understand the mainstream views on things, and mostly I do agree with them to a point, but I also always try to see things from a different perspective, because there are always two sides of a matter, sometimes even three( yours, mine and the truth). We all have different ways of looking at things, e.g... suicide, most people think that suicide is the most selfish and most cowardice thing one can do.... I agree to a certain point, I agree it is selfish, because one is not thinking of the ones left behind.But it isn't it not selfish of the ones left behind to think of what they are going through and how they will cope, and not think about what the indiviual had to go through to make that decision? I agree that the coward's way out is not to deal with the issues at hand. However taken that into consideration, I am wondering how the person who is thinking about suicide and/or even going through with it must be feeling at that time. How desperate, how alone, how unloved, how scared, how abandoned, how lonely, how destitute must that person feel that he or she is willing to go to that extreme. At that stage of the game, one is so far gone that no thought about others enter one's mind, it is just to end my pain, selfish maybe yes, but how about my own right to self preserve and deal with my pain in the way I feel fit to, and if this is the only way I can, than that is my choice.
There are always choices in everything in life, we make them with us in mind, to keep us sane and functioning. The choice is ours to make, nobody should have the right to judge us on our choices, just because it might not be right for you, it might be just what I need.

It saddens me to hear when people who are left behind try to hush the fact that one's loved one commited suicide, why is that like the silent shame that the victim felt all along coming from all sides at them from you? Yes suicide is an ugly thing, but it is one of' the leading causes of death. Does the family feel guilty that they didn't see it or why is it such a hush topic? Does someones self inflicted death reflect bad on the family? We all do what we need to do for us and is right for us, and sometimes it's a permanent solution. be continued with more odd views of mine........but afterall it's My world according to ME and nobody elses....

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