Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring cleaning

With spring having officially arrived a week and a half ago, but apparently only on the calendar, I was actually in the mood for some cleaning, so I started my spring cleaning in the kitchen,not quite done, but at least started, and boy did it need cleaning. I emptied all my cupboards, washed them out, got everything organized and sorted and threw out a whole lot of stuff, things I haven't used for months, things that you couldn't find anyway, you knew you had, but had no idea where they were, because they were rammed into some corner in the cupboards. Things that were decent I kept to give away to a charity, but everything else will just be thrown out and as much as possible recycled. My whole kitchen even looks brighter. I wish I would have the time right now to even fresh up the paint with some new paint, because since my little fire incident last summer it still looks kind of grungy and grey. But I will have to wait and see if that will happen. Until then I am happy that my kitchen doesn't look worse than it is, and that must be good enough for now.:)
Even the kids got into cleaing out their closets and sorting out clothes that was too small or they won't wear anymore, now that is what I call progress. One thing I can say about our used clothes is that it is always still in very good shape and doesn't look worn at all at times. So I will bag these things up too and take them to some charity.

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