Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This evening my buddy B. and I went to Value Village, my friend's absolute favourite store, and as of lately I have been a repeat customer in there. I don't buy a lot there, but I love just looking through the knickknacks, and sometimes you can find some pretty neat unusual stuff there. And no I am not one for buying used stuffed animals, just not my thing, but when I saw Rosie I knew she had to come home with me, there was no question about it, and as we asked for the price of her, well for a whole $1.99, the deal was sealed. B. and I had fun looking through the newborn clothing section to find a pretty new outfit for Rosie. Omg here we were two full grown adults laughing as we tried different outfit on Rosie. People were just looking and smiling at us, and we were just killing ourselves laughing to the point of...where the heck are the bathrooms in here. We never ended up finding a new outfit for Rosie and she is still dressed like a little boy. But there will be more trips to Value Village and I am sure we will continue to check for
Now for everybody who doesn't know about Rosie. A few years ago we decided to have a Circus theme for our Preschool programs. And wouldn't you know it, one of my regular Badminton players was a professional Clown. So we got talking and we struck up a deal for him to come into our Preschool program as a Circus Clown for exchange of a Badminton Punch card for his "Group". He also worked with mental challenged adults who he brought to our morning Badminton program. So this worked out fine, the kids had a blast with him, as we did too. He made balloon animals, played games with the kids and pretty much entertained them for the whole morning. It was so much fun, well he also brought this little puppet monkey, that was sitting on his waste, holding on to him with one arm, while he moved the other with a rod attached to it, and the puppets face, well the way you move puppets. The puppets name was Rosie, she was dressed up in a pretty dress and bonnet and was just too cute, I totally fell in love with her, and have been searching for one like it ever since, ebay, Internet stores, etc. but never came across one similar like Rosie, well until today. So that's how Rosie came to be and now I got her.

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