Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let it snow!

Well today we had our first real snowfall, I mean we had snow before, but not as steady of a fall as today. First I was a little bit disappointed, because I don't really like driving in this kind of weather and it was kind of spoiling my plans for the afternoon, but everybody keeps telling me 'hey you got a Jeep, that should be no problem.' Well I guess it shouldn't, but still, I am always a little nervous driving on snow covered roads, and I lived in the mountains too, so I know winter driving, but nevertheless, not one of my favourite things to do. But I got all my courage together, put the Jeep in 4 WD and off I went and actually it was quite a lot of fun and a nice drive looking at the countryside.
I met with a friend for coffee, handed over my birthday presents to them and we had a nice time just sitting and chatting. My birthday presents were very much appreciated and liked, so that was nice, especially since I can have a warped sense of humour when it comes to presents and age.... so that was good and a
The rest of the day I spend watching my son and his girlfriend bake cookies in my kitchen and turning everything upside down in there. Lucky for them and for me they cleaned up their mess too....and I shoveled snow, but not as enthusiastic as a friend of mine, with only one shovel (I can't multitask like her) and no smile on my face, but maybe she was only smiling because she saw me...nahhhhhh!!

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