Saturday, November 17, 2007

Annual event

Today I went with a friend to one of our favourite annual events, the craft show at one of the local schools. It is one event I am very much looking forward to attend, but somehow this year it was a little bit disappointing, I mean there was nice stuff there, but somehow it seemed to be a little bit empty and it looked like to me as if there weren't as many vendors as there usually are. I got a few little things and I am mighty proud of myself for not spending too much money, but really there wasn't anything that turned my head or that I couldn't make myself. I kind of missed the lady with the amazing Christmas cards,that usually has a nice spot and lots of cards to choose from, I ended up with some nice cards from somewhere else, that were at a great prize, but nothing artistic, just cute. So I couldn't pass up this bargain and that was pretty much all I bought, well and of course I had to support my friend with her business, she always has nice stuff and I usually don't have to look too hard to find something, this time it was a very unique looking scented candle.
So what's on the program for next Saturday? No craft shows, but WORK!

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