Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today my mom and I spend a lazy quiet sunday at the house. We pretty much talked and talked sitting on the new couch, my dad still had picked out during one of his better days and which was delivered just a few days ago. It feels weird, life just goes on as if nothing happened. Sometimes I really don't know how I am feeling. We laugh, we joke around, we talk, we cry and all of it in moments after moments. I can't say the mood here at the house is somber and quiet and sad, it has its sad moments, but there is also a lot of laughter. I think the worst is the being alone and having total quiet time or when we talk serious about my dad,then there is hardly one with a dry eye.
Late afternoon our quiet Sunday was abruptly over by the arrival of my nephew and his parents. We sat and had coffee and cake, while Oma was kept occupied with games in the garden by her grandson.
And peace and quiet didn't return until they left at around 9:30pm.

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