Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Memory of....

Tonight the two families of two awesome men, who have been neighbours, friends, colleagues and more for over 37 years, held a little rememberance get together with our families. The moms, the kids and new family members joined in remembering the good old days,from our childhood, to the dads looking for property together, building their houses together, working together, trips they took together, memories that were made over the years. It was a very nice evening and we laughed a lot and we cried too, we had some very funny topics and we had serious topics. It's amazing all the things we remember, some more than others, and how we see each others fathers in so many things we do now. For example the oldest son of the neighbour, omg, just so totally like his dad, the way he looks at you, the way he stands, the way he makes his point, just a spitting image of his dad. So even though people leave, they live on through others and in memories in so many ways.

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