Friday, June 15, 2007

Open Air Concert in Salching

Today my mom and I were invited to attend an Open Air concert at the Pope tent from last year. A brand new company opened in one of the neighbouring towns and bought the Pope tent and placed it on their area for future concert events for the area. It was suppose to be the opening concert and a benefit concert for some local charities. The performers were the city choir and city music school and another Big Band from one of the local area high schools. Everything looked great and perfect, except the sky.
We drove there with the neighbour boy, well I should say man, and parked the car like hundreds of others on the grass area marked for parking. The concert was to start at 8 pm and right on time the thunderstorm began. First just a little rain and rain coats were passed out to the audience, then the wind picked up and the storm was in full swing, with unbelievable downpours.Still thinking it was gonna pass, the organizers invited the audience into their brand new factory halls, to wait out the storm, well after about 30 minutes of torrential down pours, the decision was made to hold the concert in the factory hall. Not as nice as it would have been outside, but still the show must go on. And it went on, with some minor problems like no power, no lights, no mics but still the show went on and everybody had a great time. Even an announcement at the break didn't rattle people too much and everybody continued to have a great time. Well the announcement was as followed, due to the still extremely intense down pour the parking area was completely under water and cars where under water up to their doors, so no way anybody was going to be able to get their car out of the mud and water. As I was telling this to my neighbour who wasn't with us at the time of the announcement he just looked at me like I had three heads and just kept saying 'yeah right', until the official announcement was made again and everybody was informed the leave their cars there and pick them up tomorrow or as soon as it was possible. So now what? Well being a great organizer the owner of the company was running around all night, checking this and that and pretty much had everything under control, so even this little inconvenience was nothing to him. He organized a few buses to cart people to their respected hometowns in every directions. After the show we finally were boarding a bus to take us back to Dingolfing, where we arrived safely at around 1 am. We were lucky too, that the neighbours mother was on the same bus and had her car at the drop off in Dingolfing, since she was one of the members of the choir and was taken to the concert by bus to begin with. So we all made it home later than expected but at least safe and dry. Oh what a night. lol...
It would have been absolutely awesome the way it was planned to begin with, but no one can mess with Mother Nature and it was just very unfortunate to turn out this way, especially when the day started with sunshine and the next morning we woke up again to not a cloud in the sky.

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