Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where AC/DC meets Alabama

A few weeks ago my PIC invited me to tag along to a concert at Jackhammers Nightclub to watch and listen to the group DRY COUNTY. She brought the CD into work and it sounded like good music. We went to the concert and had a great time. Now yesterday she gave me a copy of their CD as a gift. I absolutely love the CD, there isn't a song on it I don't like, and everybody knows how hard it is to find a CD of anybody where you like all the songs. Honestly I have listened to it over and over again since she gave it to me and I just love it.
They play an unique combination of Rock and Country, the lead singer has an awesome voice and the songs are just amazing. Thanks PIC for getting that for me. You will hear me coming down the road tomorrow morning blasting "Straight up on the rocks" or "God loves all his rednecks", my two absolute favourite songs.

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