Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mid life crisis

Where did I come up with that one? lol. I don't have a midlife crisis, I am good right now with my life, or at least the one I created in my own little world. I think midlife crisis just came to my mind when the decision about a new car had to be made, isn't it when the guys pick out a brand new totally off the wall car and people try to convince them about being in a midlife crisis. lol. Oh well. I have crisis all the time, so why should it stop now? And who knows if this is even midlife, could be three quarters already. Who knows and who cares? Oh I can see the rolling eyes and wandering minds of some of my fellow bloggers to this topic....lmao... well I guess that's another issue then....he he he.

"Midlife is the old age of youth and the youth of old age."


Anonymous said...

I'm to the point of never owning up to my 'mid life crisis" actions and never going to admit having "senior moments" either...with me I'm in my prime and my awkward moments/put your foot in your mouth moments will hence be refered to as my "menopausal" moments...hey P.I.C we need more excitment

Anonymous said...

If I had a midlife crisis now, it would mean that I am expected to live to be 92! Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

this to shall be an issue

Tina said...

oh trust me it is lmao