Monday, March 12, 2007

The not so usual Monday evening

Well under normal Monday condition I would be working Monday night, but due to the Marchbreak, my school team isn't coming in, so I had the night off. After a long pause in doing things, my PIC and I decided to go out for coffee, well that is only partcial true.... we went for a bite to eat at Nasty McPhilthy, where I have never been at before, but it was nice. We talked about work, our lives, our children and it was really nice to hang out with her and just be ourselves without holding back anything. After that we were gonna check out one of the local establishments here for some live music, but we sure didn't feel like paying $ 25.00 for some band we never heard of or even seen, so we opted out and went to Timmy's instead. I am glad my PIC had fun making fun of me and it was fun planning our "Thelma and Louise Routine". So I am looking forward to some adventures times with her. he he he.... now really how much trouble can we get into anyway.... she might be wearing a leather jacket, but that doesn't mean anything. Here is to us... Thelma.....( I wanna be Louise, named after my grandmother)... he he ... I guess I should watch that movie first so I know what I am getting into. Or?

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