Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day in white

Well it looks more like Christmas than Valentine's Day outside, last night we had the first real snowstorm, and a storm it was. The roads were traitorous and there were many cars in the ditch and lots of trucks in trouble. At times it snowed and blew so hard that visibility was next to nothing. School was cancelled for today and many opted to stay home from work... oh yeah great on my day off I have everybody home and it feels like a weekend. Plans that I had had to be cancelled and it was a good day to stay inside the warmth, sit in front of the fireplace and stitch. And that's exactly what I did. By mid afternoon it was nice and sunny outside but bitterly cold. And one could actually enjoy the sight outside.
The boy's girlfriends were dropped off at our house, and the young people in love could spend a quiet evening together on Valentine's Day. So Happy Valentine's Day to all the people in love.

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