Monday, January 22, 2007

Sometimes life's little decisions are out of your hands

Sometimes life's little decisions are out of one's hands, on Friday a friend invited me to go with her and a friend of hers to Hamilton to one of the better Crosstitch stores on Saturday morning, I was going back and forth why I should and why I shouldn't go with them, I left the decision up til the next morning, when the decision was made for me by the way I was feeling. I was fine one minute and the next I had this horrendous headache and a sore throat like you wouldn't believe it, I got the chills and felt totally unwell. Decision made. I stayed in bed all day Saturday and all day Sunday, trying to get better. I haven't had that bad of a sore throat in a long time. My whole right side of my neck from my ear to the bottom of my neck was swollen, and ached like crazy. My head wasn't much better. I had a pounding headache and only Tylenol got rid of it until it's dosage ran low. I haven't felt this crappy in a while. I didn't go to work Sunday evening and now it's Monday and I even went to the doctor, because my neck was just so bad that I couldn't even move my head without being in pain. The doctor said it is a virus and besides lots of fluids and rest not much else I can do about it. Oh well, life goes on and this too shall pass.

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