Thursday, January 11, 2007

People are strange

Why do some people thrive on causing problems with others or casting doubts and playing with others minds. The last few days have been quite interesting of hearing different stories about the same events from different people, it's like they say, there are always three sides to the story, yours, mine and the truth. Well as long as I know that I have done nothing wrong, I am fine with it, it's when others try to convince you that you have that's when you might just end on my wrong side. I would never do anything to hurt anybody, but I definitely would retreat into my little world, where it's safe for me and only a few have access, that's the beauty of the little place called mind and the inner peace that lays in ones heart. Shame on you for being locked out for a while until you know how to behave in my presence and appreciate the person I am. I don't have to justify anything I do to anybody but my own soul and maybe a higher power somewhere, but right now it's just me and what I do is my doing and nobody elses business.

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