Monday, January 15, 2007

I have a new toy

Well I finally found it, a turntable that connects to the computer and lets you convert old vinyl records into MP3 files. I am in music heaven right now. I have at least 2 boxes full of LPs and 45s in the basement collecting dust. Well I started dusting them off and using some of my spare time to load some of the records into the computer.Wow what treasure I have down there, some of my favourite german songs, some of them I haven't heard in decades. Oh this is fun and I do remember all the lyrics too, now that is scary lol.
I can also hitch a tape recorder to the turntable and convert tapes from there to MP3 files or WMA files. But still have to experiement with that. Isn't progress grand?
My kids, never ever having seen a turntable before, are fascinated by it lol. *** You know you are old when your kids have never seen a record player before.

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