Sunday, January 07, 2007

In memory of GARY

Gary passed away peacefully in his cage this afternoon. He was just out for a drink and was on his way back to his hole when he must have collapsed and died. He was just laying there on his climber. The little guy was the last of a set of four and outlived everybody by months. He was old for a dwarf hamster and defineately a joy to have around, he had been the friendliest of all of them, never fighting, never mean, he was nosey as heck and always full of life. It was very hard for my daughter, since he resided with her and she was his primary caretaker. So it was a shock to her, especially since she just seen him come out for a drink a minute or so before I came into the room and saw him laying there. So that he went quick and without any sign of pain was at least some comfort to her. But she will surely miss the little guy, especially at night when he came out for his treats as soon as you shook the bag. We will all miss you sweet little Gary. Rest in Peace with all your other hammy friends and guinea pig friends in heaven. All good hamsters go to heaven!

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