Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today I received a parcel containing our Christmas presents from Germany from my brother and family to be exact. Hmmmmmm anybody who has ever received a gift from me always accomanies the unwrapping with the comments about how much I must love tape, because I use so much ( Well I don't want no peeking), obviously that runs in my family. It almost took me as long as the parcel took to get here, to get into it, well not quite that long, but at least 20 minutes and that was just to open the box. Now being my fathers son, but knowing how much he didn't like math I wondered about the purchase of these gifts, they were all perfectly shaped and put in to fill out the box completely. Did he have the box first and bought presents according to box size or what? I have never seen anything so perfectly puzzle style put together. And who thought he wasn't a genuis. There were presents for everybody and one for all and of course me being the sister, I got The first one was very obvious by shape to be a DVD and it turned out to be a german comedy. Can't wait to watch it.Now the second present was very soft and crunchy so I had no clue what it was... when I opened it, omg, there were things in there I haven't seen since I was maybe 10 years old, I had to laugh so hard and I was so excited and happy and at the same time I had to cry because even though it is the most strangest gift, I must say it was one of the most sentimental gifts anybody has ever given me and to come from my little brother was just a little bit too much. I examined the contents of the bag carefully and omg I recognized so many things and it brought so many childhood memories back. Things I haven't seen in decades, let alone really thought about and yet they brought so much joy as a child and it was just very touching to get something like this from him. I guess by now everybody is dying to know what it was and nobody probably thinks about it as a big deal, but growing up in a different country at a different time, it brought me back home for a moment to memories of a good childhood.... ok ok here it comes.... it was a bag of candy, mostly filled with suckers and hard candy, some of which even todays children will never ever see in a little corner store for 10 cents or so. Thanks so much little brother, you made my day today.

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