Sunday, September 24, 2006

An evening to remember

Last night I had the honour of being a guest at an evening wedding of a dear friend's son and his bride. The ceremony was held at a church here in town at 7 pm and was absolutely lovely. I think what made it so special was the fact that Grandpa performed the wedding ceremony and it was very obvious how much they welcomed with love the new family member. The couple looks so perfect for each other, and one could see their love for each other in their eyes. It's always nice to see when two best friends get married. It was the first time for me to meet the bride, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out, which was getting more apparent as the evening progressed and the speeches revealed so much more about the couple as people. I knew a lot about the groom, since his mother is one of my best friends, so I have known him for years and as mothers we always share stories about our children anyway. About the bride I knew only as much as came up in conversations. She sounded like a lovely young lady, and it was nice to finally meet her and see for one self.
The reception of the wedding was held at a hall downtown, and was absolutely amazing,the decorations were simple but effective and it showed the down to earth kind of people they are. There were about 15 tables with 12 chairs around, on each table was a pie and a torte, around it were scattered rose pedals. So since the groom is a desert fanatic,especially pies, there was also a great desert buffet set up at the one side of the room, from tarts, to pies to a chocolate fountain, it was simply amazing. Besides the food "only desert", the whole room was just filled with so much love that I couldn't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed by all of it. It was just so amazing to be allowed to be a part of it.
Instead of wedding favours the couple made a donation to a Canadian Charity for each attending guest.
I got to see my friend's other children and how much they have grown and changed since they moved away from here just over a year ago. I missed them all dearly, it's just an amazing family to know. It was nice to see the more personal side of another special person in my life and not to feel awkwards about it, since we normally just see each other in a professional matter. And even though I am not one for those kind of occasions, especially too when I hardly know anybody there, it was a fantastic evening, one I will not forget for a long time and I had an absolutely great time.
I wish the couple all my best and I am sure they are going to have an amazing life together.

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