Thursday, September 28, 2006

Remember when?

While in Germany my mother bought me this book about "Us Born in 1966- Childhood and adolescence memoirs". Boy, did that bring back a lot of memories and the pictures in the book looked like they came right from our scrapbooks.Very funny and oh so familiar. The book basically goes from birth to the 18th birthday with historic events, what was on TV, fashion, colours and trends, what we ate, what we were made to believe etc. It was quite interesting and fun to jog my memory about certain things what went on during this time, some I remember, some I remember now after reading about them again. What really amazed me was how much I remembered about certain political and anti government events, even though I was very young at the time, may 8 or 10, I still even remember the names of the people ( victims and perpetrators) involved and the acts they committed, I find that strange because my parents at that young age would definitely kept us away from any not so nice events, and especially the news. So it strikes me as odd that I have such vivid memories about these events and then there are yet others I don't remember at all, I don't remember even hearing about them until way way later. ( for example the Munich 1972 Olympics and the massacre). Weird how the brain works. Why does the brain puts certain events in ones life so far on the backburner that they are even hard to retrieve and why do we remember some minor things and not the big picture? I wish my brain wasn't so puzzled and I could be able to piece it all together to make the stories and events complete. It drives me nuts not to remember certain things in detail.

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