Friday, September 29, 2006

I love Colin - Hellbent for HA HA

OMG, last night I had the chance to see one of my all time favourite Canadian comedians live at Hamilton Place. I have been a fan of Colin from the first time I saw him on "Whose line is it anyway", and I just think he is a genius. So yesterday I had tickets to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, I had no idea what it will be like and what the show was about, but I fast learnt that the whole show was in the fashion of 'Whose line is it anyway?', filled with different games and audience participation. So I knew I was in for a treat, and what a treat it was. I don't think I have ever laughed so much. Colin and Brad were just brilliant. The show is fully improvised and those two are truly the masters of improv. It was hilarious. My favourite part was a Shakespearian scene of a lawyer(the profession was randomly picked from the Hamilton telephonebook by a audience member) and his client, someone who was hit with a hockeystick, the scene went from one game to the next, from 'One syllable words only'to Dr. Seuss rhymes'to 'Questions only' to 'Substituting the letter S in all words with the letter T'. It was incredible and one wonders how the brains of these two must be working.
Another one of my favourites was a scene where they were planning to build a treehouse blindfolded and the stage was covered with mousetraps. It was too funny.

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