Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Princess

It's hard to belief that my little princess is 12 years old today. Happy Birthday Baby. I know she hates it when I call her baby,but she will always be my baby. It's been an amazing journey with her so far, she is way beyond her years in wisdom on relationships and life in general. Someone told me once that she was a Spirit child,meaning that I will learn more from her than she from me. And how true that is, I learn from her every day to be a better me. She is just absolutely amazing and sometimes I am thinking "Holy cow, where does she get that from?" She is very quite and thoughtful and creative. She sets her mind on something and she gets it done, no matter how hard it is for her or how long it takes her, she always follows through with things the way she sees it fit. She definitely has a good head on her shoulder and I know she will go far in life, maybe not the conventional way, but she'll get there. Happy 12th Birthday Sweetie, I am so proud of you and so amazed by your inside and outside beauty, that just shines your way. Love always. Mom

And you are right, one thing we do have in common or you got from me, are the perfect ears. You are too funny.

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