Tuesday, October 18, 2005

HERSHEY - Sweet as chocolate - His Story

I am helping the DSC with the cost of taking care of Hershey for the forthcoming year. He is an important part of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.
Hershey is a dark brown Standard donkey, he was born in 2003. In the summer of 2004 he was admitted to the DSC. Before he was brought to the Sanctuary Farm, he lived on a horse farm in Southern Ontario. Unfortunately, in his first few months of life, Hershey was taken away from his mother, in turn he bonded with his human caretakers who did not realize that the excessive attention they were showering over him could become a liability. As months passed, Hershey became harder and harder to handle, and he did not relate to the other animals on the farm, instead he wanted always to be with his human caretakers.
When Hershey arrived at the DSC, he was uncomfortable and somewhat fearful around the donkeys. He preferred to stand alone by the fence and he would not groom with any of his companions. Hershey's rehabilitation has been steady and gradual. Nowadays, he mingles among the donkeys in the main herd and he is learning how to behave around humans. Hershey is a delightful animal and it is a lesson to us all that creatures should not be taken away from their mothers before the appropriate time.
Watching Hershey over the past few visits to the Sanctuary was fun and sad at the same time, sad because he still is kind of a loner, but trying to fit in with the other donkeys, but fun to watch because he is such a mischievious donkey, he is the first one to greet you with a smile and comes over for a pet, he teases his caretakers by taking their tools away from them. He simple is just a playful young donkey and always looking for trouble.
I am glad to see him more interacting with the other donkeys and at our last visit there, he hardly came over to the fence, but rather enjoyed his time playing with sticks and socializing with other donkeys. It is so nice to watch. But I do love cuddle time with him too.

I am so glad I can be a part by helping out in a very small way with taking care of the animals there.

Everybody has a story, even animals.

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