Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 15: Trusting Heart

Without trust peace of mind is not possible. I am willing to trust myself today. Imagine putting value on my opinions over another;s or saying my thoughts first.

How would my life be different if I trusted myself?
I would be more confident and truly admit what I want and need.

What are my criteria for trusting another?
*they have to follow through with what they say
*they let me come to them for things not badger me for things
*both of our needs need to be met, not just theirs
*not gossip about my things
*not judge me or my actions

What is it about others or their behaviour that makes me not trust them fully?
Mostly concern with themselves only. Been betrayed before by them, I can forgive but I can't forget. They weren't supportive when I needed it the most.

Today I will practice trusting myself. Discovering my criteria for trust will help me in discerning whom to trust or how to help others how to be trusted. The most important person for me to trust is myself. I cannot possibly be true to myself without the element of selftrust. Understanding how I determine it or disengage from it will help me stay true to myself.

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