Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween fun with a twist

This year's Halloween was going to be different from all my previous Halloween experiences. When I grew up we didn't have Halloween, of course we had the "Halloween" movies, but it wasn't a celebrated day in my country. I got more familiar with it once I had my own kids. But this year was for us, the grown ups. My best friend and I decided to do something totally different, something none of us ever did before and most likely won't do again, but we thought it would be good fun in the spirit of Halloween. We went to see a psychic for a reading and later we met up with another friend and went on a Haunted Hayride, through an amazingly big apple orchard and corn maze, it was great and we got a few scares and screams. It was so much fun, well until on the way out I landed flat on my face, when I didn't see a big uneven spot in the field and just went down in it. Yes, flat on my face, I don't think I ever fell like this before. Of course my one knee swelled up immediately and turned into this gigantic bruise, and I twisted my ankle severely.
Happy Halloween!

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