Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day 29: Heaven

Define Heaven on Earth:
To me heaven on earth is a place where I feel complete, totally insync with my surrounding, no matter what happens there is only a good outcome for being there right at that very moment.
Where do I have a slice of heaven on earth in my life right now? Visiting the DSC is definitely my heaven on earth, I am good with jackasses of the non human kind, I love the peace and beauty of the scenery there. It makes me feel at peace in my heart. Another spot of heaven on earth is sitting in front of the fireplace watching my favourite TV show.

Celebration means to me honoring someone or something joyfully. Daily celebrations are valuable moments I create or discover that keep me in touch with what matters to me.

Today, I commit to living every day in my full presence. I will see the good things that happen daily and not get stuck on the few minor bad ones. I will set my boundaries loud and clear and not feel guilty about them.
I am committing to giving up perfection and therefore the excuse for not trying something new. And I will accept me as me, my good and my bad sides.

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