Monday, October 31, 2005

Day 28: Beautiful me

I am fully aware that beauty comes from the inside and is in the eye of the beholder.
Define beauty: Beauty to me is all the good about things and people. Beauty is the depth of humanity, beyond the physical look.
What does beauty look like in my daily life? Right now beauty in my daily life is more the beauty I see in things, the beauty of nature, the smiles, the animals.
How would I know when I finally saw myself as beautiful? I believe being beautiful would be more a feeling to me, an inner peace, and a way of acting instead of a look.
I would know I am beautiful when I fully accept myself, when I have confidence, when I am willing to bare my soul and be vulnerable.

Beautiful people are centered in their self, they are not selfish or selfishness, rather they are centered within themselves. Selfish implies thinking only of oneself, selfcentred means putting yourself in the center of everything.

When I am centred in myself I am not easily manipulated or distracted.
Embrace being beautiful, 3 simple daily tasks:
1. Smile: There is nothing like a smile to give people the feeling that all is right in your world. Smile whenever you greet someone.
2. Read the daily newspaper or a magazine: a feast of information for daily smalltalk with strangers, coworkers or potential friends.
3. Ask Questions: when I ask questions I am building confidence twofold, with each question asked I am taking a risk of my fear coming true and I am admitting that I want to learn more or am just plain interested.
Asking questions tells the world I can handle input and am open to new perspectives.

Practicing all the skills I have learned takes a commitment to excellence not perfection. Perfection denies growth, excellence allows me to reach out, while perfectionism keeps me hidden within.
The only thing that stands between me and claiming myself is fear. Fear wants me to doubt myself, it controls every action, every thought and every relationship that way.

Do I believe I am capable of seeing my beauty? One day I will.
If I claimed I was beautiful inside and out and believed it, how would my life change? I would be able to accept my excellence, not strive for perfection, I would not be so hard on myself and have more compassion for myself.
What thoughts or feelings come up for me when I contemplate myself and beauty in the same sentence? Hell no, want to throw up, not really one good thought of feeling comes to mind, YET.
What beautiful things about myself can I claim now? My ears :), my compassion

" I am willing to see my beauty today!"

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