Sunday, October 30, 2005

Day 27: Redefining me

What is my vision of my life?
I want to be content with who I am , do the things that mean the most to me, take pride in my job and workplace, be a good friend to have good friends. Create my world according to me without regrets and blames.

My life compares to what movie?
"Bridges of Maddison County"
If there was a sequel to it, it would be called what?
" The choice"

I don't have to do big things to impact a lot of people, if I just impact or help one, I made a difference.

What have I learned about how I process information when I am afraid?
I mostly reject it, I can not take it in or claim it as mine and right for me.

What have I learned about how I process information when I am fearless?
When I do it fearless, I am more open to receive the information, I can take it in consideration.

Define what friendship means to me now:
Friendship means sharing, listening, not judging, laughing, crying, being there for one another with an open heart, silent lips and open ears and open arms.

What does home mean to me?
Home is not a physical place for me, home is an inner peace and contentment and safe place within myself.

How has my home life changed since Day 1?
It has become a little more tolerable, I am more in my "home".

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