Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ha could almost think this is a Stitching post, however at this point I am not even sure I remember how to stitch, haven't done it in so long..This is about a different kind of Froggin. :)
Friday was an absolutely beautiful day at work, the day wasn't cramped with deadlines and tons of things that needed to be accomplished before the end of the day, everything was moving along smoothly and nice. Usually I have to say "no" to a lot of the things during the day because if I say "yes" I won't get all my work done, even though that means saying "no" to the boss lol. So Friday when the boss asked if I wanted to come for a walk with the dog I didn't hesitate and off we went. We walked down over to Memorial Hill and then around the pond on the DSC grounds. Oh we had so much fun and were laughing our heads of and screaming like little girls at every frog that jumped at us. There must have been hundreds of frogs in the damp grass and with every step we took they feared for their lives and jumped to safety. Jumping on us, across our feet and just hopping ahead of us...funny puppy dog didn't seem to be amused by them at all and didn't even react to them. We continued our walk around the pond and then ventured deeper into the woods there however we regretted that pretty much right away as the mosquitoes in there were just eating us alive. So happily we reached the lane way and finished our walk. Back to work, but in the afternoon we got in some more donkey time as we visited the sick bays in the the old barn and mingled amongst the barn yard donkeys, making connections with the shy Austin and  hugging my sweet Orly. We also paid a visit to the four new donkeys that are now out of quarantine but still kept away from the others as they are almost feral donkeys. Jasper has been gelded last week and will soon join some new donkey friends, however much training for these donkeys is in store to be handled by staff, volunteers and other animal caregivers. So as we were standing there watching the donkeys have a snooze in the sun and trying to get them to come over the fence, because we are now allowed to pet them, they didn't want to have any part of us. We stood there for 20 minutes, funny then "Tom" ( name has been changed) comes over, talks to them, two of them get up and walk right over to him, we  just smiled at teach other in awe of his effect on the animals.
I will introduce you to "Tom" in another entry later on. 

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