Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lagging behind

Well somehow work seems to get in the way of everything lately, so I am lagging behind in the keeping up with blogging department.
Last Sunday I had a great time with a friend, as we spend a good chunk of the day together doing Girlie stuff. We met at her house and I was greeted with big excitement by my little office side kick. She was so happy to see me. After a quick tour of her place and a little chat we headed out for Lunch at a really cute little restaurant in town. We had a nice lunch and a great conversation. After that we took a little drive through the neigbourhood so now I know where she is when she talks about her ventures outside the home. We went back to her place, went for a walk with the pooch, which was also very nice, the wooded area reminded me a lot of being back in Germany, so it was nice to reminise about that. We spent the rest of the day watching a  movie and just laughing and chit chatting about all kinds of things. I was a great way to spend our Sunday and I am looking forward to more Girlie days like that.

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